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water-text01Water-Text is the world’s first commercial through water and through-ground radio communication system, designed to interface with sensors and control units.

Water-Text can be readily tailored to numerous applications including: through water and through ground data transmission, underwater networking, AUV homing, underwater to UAV communications, test tank instrumentation and diver communications.

Delivering reliable communications under water is a challenge. We understand the challenges that operators face when designing and specifying systems for an operational scenario. The leading edge technology provides substantial operational and cost-effective solutions to the Defence & Homeland Security community.



Underwater communications from a variety of platforms, e.g. submarines, AUVs, remote sensors and instruments.
Enables seamless contact with assets on and above the surface.
Water-Text can also be used to set up underwater communication networks, of particular use in littoral or harbour waters.
Line of sight is not required and the signal will pass through sea walls.


Water-Text will pass through concrete, rock, mud, earth and into the air to provide secure communications.
Applications include emergency communications in underground and public transport networks, extending Network Extended Capability into underground sensors.


Unlike acoustic systems, our radio technology is unaffected by acoustic noise, turbidity, mud or ice and will operate in shallow water as well as congested environments such as harbours, estuaries and waterways. In addition the Water-Text operates without interfering with acoustic sensors or sonar and can be used without the ill-effects to aquatic life often attributed to acoustic technology.

Submarine NEC
Sub Diver Communications
Multiple Communications
AUV Communications
Covert Operations
Wireless AUV Test Tank


  • Transceiver
  • Immunity to thermal layers
  • Fast propagation
  • Can be connected in a network
  • GSM option
  • Two way communications
  • Can be interfaced to text entry terminal for comms link
  • High tolerance of water conditions
  • Reduction in Doppler shift
  • Extended coverage
  • Global access


  • Data rate = 100 bits/sec half duplex
  • Multiplexing – multiple units uniquely addressable
  • Modems can be connected in a network
  • Loop
  • Options available for extended range
  • RS 232 data interface
Physical (typical)
  • Housing—application specific
Power Requirements
  • 18-28V external power or battery pack to specific application
  • 4W receiving / 16W transmitting / 5mW Sleep
  • 50m housing
    • 3000m available on request
  • Temp. operating -10 to + 35ºC
Diagram of Water-Text modem, set up to transmit from water to shore.
The modem can be easily integrated with third party systems, in this example connecting to a laptop, GSM modem and Sensor.


The TMP-Box X2 Slide is compatible with EVDO Rev.A and 7.2 Mbps HSPA networks. The TMPBox X2 Slide establishes two separate data connections, each with its own IP address, over the cellular network(s).
When both networks are available, the TMP-Box X2 Slide automatically resumes balancing data over both links. If one carrier is lost due to the coverage area, network outage, disaster, etc., the AirBox X2 Slide sends all traffic over the available link.
A separate data plan, antenna, and signal booster is required for each cellular connection.

Product Features

  • Use Your Own Dual 3G Cellular Modems
    • Dual EV-DO Rev. A, Rev.0
    • Dual 7.2 HSPA
    • Hybrid EVDO & HSPA
  • WiFi 802.11b/g Enabled
  • Remote Management Capabilities
  • Ruggedized Design
  • Optional GPS Receiver for Fleet Tracking and Management
  • Optional Cellular Signal Boosters for Increased Coverage in Remote Areas

Available for CDMA and/or GSM 3G Networks

Technical Specifications

  • Load balancing with optional UDP balancing
  • Port Forwarding
  • GPS Ready
  • NAT (Network Address Translation)
  • DHCP Server
  • Supports VPN Pass-Through
  • Dynamic DNS
  • Connected Client Listings
  • Splash Screen

Wireless Security:
WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access)
64/128-bit WEP Encryption
WiFi Data Rate:
Up to 54Mbps
802.11G Chipset:
802.11g: (OFDM)
802.11b: (DSSS)
Data Rates (in Mbps):
802.11g: 54, 48, 36, 24, 18, 12, 9, 6
802.11b: 22, 11, 5.5, 2, 1
Physical Hardware Dimensions:
• 26 cm x 20 cm x 3.5 cm
• Mounting Brackets Included
• 2 x 10/100 Ethernet Ports
• GPS Receiver(optional)

• Download: 700 Kbps - 1.2 Mbps Avg 3.1
Mbps Peak
• Upload: 350 - 500 Kbps Avg 1.8 Mbps Peak
• Backwards compatible to EVDO- Rev 0 & 1xRTT
EV‐DO Rev 0
• Download: 400 - 700 Kbps Avg 2.4 Mbps
• 1xRTT Used For Upload
• Download: 80 - 90 Kbps Avg 153 Kbps Peak
• Upload: 80 - 90 Kbps Avg 153 Kbps Peak
CDMA Frequency Bands:
1900Mhz Digital & 800Mhz Digital
7.2Mbps HSPA
• Download: 700 Kbps - 1.2 Mbps Avg 7.2
Mbps Peak
• Upload: 350-500 Kbps Avg 1.8 Mbps Peak
• Backwards compatible to 1.8/3.6
3.6Mbps HSDPA
• Download: 600 - 800 Kbps Avg 3.6 Mbps Peak
• EDGE used for upload
• Download: 150 Kbps Avg 384 Kbps
• Upload: 150 Kbps Avg 384 Kps Peak

Tuesday, 30 June 2009 17:28

TMP-Box CM3 - Enterprise Cellular Router

EV‐DO Rev A or 3.6Mbps HSDPA Wi‐Fi 802.11g
Remote Management Ruggedized Optional GPS Receiver

Available for CDMA or GSM 3G Networks

  • Broadband Speeds While in a Moving Vehicle
  • Always-On Reliable Connection
  • Supports Multiple Users & Devices Simultaneously
  • Remote Management Software
  • Easy-to-use web-based interface
  • Remote Firmware Upgrades

Technical Specifications

  • NAT (Network Address Translation)
  • DHCP Server
  • Port Forwarding
  • IPsec VPN
  • Supports VPN Pass-Through
  • Dynamic DNS
  • Connected Client Listings

Wireless Security:
WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access)
64/128-bit WEP Encryption
Data Rate:
Up to 54Mbps
802.11G Chipset:
802.11g: (OFDM)
802.11b: (DSSS)
Data Rates (in Mbps):
802.11g: 54, 48, 36, 24, 18, 12, 9, 6
802.11b: 22, 11, 5.5, 2, 1
Physical Hardware Dimensions:
• 18.3cm x 15.5cm x 3.2cm
• Mounting Brackets Included
• 2 x 10/100 Ethernet Ports
• GPS Receiver(optional)
• RP-TNC Male for Wi-Fi Antenna
• FME Male for Standard Cellular Antenna
• Operating Temperature: 0-60 deg C

• Backwards Compatible To: EV-DO Rev 0 & 1xRTT
• CDMA Frequency Bands: 1900MHz Digital & 800MHz Digital
• Download: 900-1400 Kbps Avg 3.1 Mbps Peak
• Upload: 350-500 Kbps Avg 1.8 Mbps Peak
EV‐DO Rev 0
• Download: 400-700 Kbps Avg 2.4 Mbps Peak
• 1xRTT Used For Upload
• Download: 80-90 Kbps Avg 153 Kbps Peak
• Upload: 80-90 Kbps Avg 153 Kbps Peak
3.6Mbps HSDPA
• Download: 600 kbps - 800 Kbps Avg 3.6 Mbps Peak
• EDGE Used For Upload
• Download: 100-160 Kbps Avg
• Upload: 100-160 Kbps Avg
• Max Up/Down 384 Mbps

EGPRS 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
EDGE Power Class E2
GSM Power Class 1 1800/1900 MHz
Power Class 4 850/900 MHz
Coding Scheme UL & DL
CS 1-4 & MCS 1-9
Multislot (E)GPRS Class 10
(E)GPRS Class B Type 1 MT

The TMP-Box X2 is the first cellular router to establish two cellular Internet connections and utilize both for additional speed. These cellular connections are even maintained in moving vehicles.

2x The Bandwidth and Coverage
The TMP-Box X2's multiple connections provide broader data bandwidths either for large file transfers (as for media companies) or for a greater number of users (such as in buses and mass transport). Redundancy and a larger geographical area are provided by using two disparate carriers.

Three Ways The TMP-Box X2 Can Be Used

Enhanced Speed for A Single Application
The TMP-Box X2 will balance outgoing traffic over multiple cellular Internet connections to increase bandwidth.
Not all hardware or software will take advantage of both cellular Internet connections. Certain software and hardware will utilize both links for a single stream to essentially double the available bandwidth.

This solution is great for broadcast and media where upload bandwidth from the field is a must have!


Enhanced Coverage
The TMP-Box X2 can be configured with two different cellular carriers to increase the coverage area. If one carrier is lost due to being out of coverage, a network outage, disaster, etc., the TMP-Box X2 sends all traffic over the remaining available link. When both networks are available again, the TMP-Box X2 automatically resumes balancing traffic over both links. The TMP-Box X2 is compatible with the latest EVDO Rev A and 7.2 Mbps HSPA technologies and is backwards compatible to all previous digital network technologies.

This solution is great when coverage is a must! Many federal agencies use this solution to guarantee coverage from at least one provider.


Enhanced Speed for Multiple Users
The TMP-Box X2 will balance outgoing traffic over multiple cellular Internet connections to increase capacity. A bus full of people on a single Internet connection will be very slow. The TMP-Box X2 will balance the traffic on two different Internet connections seamlessly. The users notice no difference other than a faster Internet connection. Two TMP-Box X2s can be stacked together for a 4X connection. These connections can be on a single provider or multiple providers.

This is great for high‐capacity vehicles such as buses and trains. Also great for temporary sites such as a construction trailer that needs to have more than a few people online at once.


Technical Notes
Uploading: When both carriers are active, the TMP-Box X2 automatically balances data over both for increased uploading speed. Outbound data packets are rotated every other packet between the two cellular Internet connections.
Downloading: When multiple users, devices or applications access the Internet through the TMP-Box X2, there can be an increase in downloading speeds. When a web page, data file or streaming video is requested, however, the server only sends it back to the connection that requested it. Certain sites like Yahoo! and AOL send content down from multiple servers, so they can download faster.
Additionally: The TMP-Box X2 establishes two separate data connections, each with its own IP address, over the cellular network(s). These connections are made to the same cell site if the TMP-Box X2 is configured for one carrier. If configured for two carriers, the same tower could still be used.
Many towers are put up by third-parties that lease space to multiple cellular providers. In this case, the backend bandwidth (the landline connecting to the cell site) could be shared. The bandwidth could be as small as a fractional T1 up to a large fiber connection. Many remote sites use a point to point microwave link. The configuration of the backend bandwidth is usually where the bandwidth can be limited. If there is a large event (many users), performance can be degraded. We are not aware of any cellular providers offering any type of CIR (Committed Information Rate). The carriers typically advertise an average bandwidth and a burst rate. Users should expect close to the average with occasional bursts. Future firmware upgrades by us, as technology develops, will enhance the functionality of the TMP-Box X2 to best meet customer needs.

Download pdf

tmp-fuelcell-cube02.jpgMaybe you need power you can access wherever you happen to be. Or perhaps you're looking for an energy solution which, once up and running, can be left to operate independently.
The TMP-Fuelcell Cube is a complete, mobile and maintenance-free off-grid power supply solution - ready for use anytime, anywhere. And with no modification or integration work required. The TMP-Fuelcell Cube protects your

TMP-Fuelcell against external causes as for example weather or vandalism.
Neat and tidy - the complete energy solution for indoor and outdoor use in a single box.
Compact, quiet, mobile and protected against the rigours of wind and weather


Key Features:

  • Flexible configuration
  • Can be hooked up as a mobile unit or integrated into the appliance
  • Ready for use immediately
  • Suitable for outdoor applications
  • Hybrid compatible - e.g. as backup for solar energy system

Everything in one box
The box accommodates all the components: the TMP-Fuelcell, TMP-Fuel Cartridges in all available sizes and the battery. Everything has its place!

Once configured, ready for use anywhere
The TMP-Fuelcell Cube is easy to set up, has a low maintenance requirement and allows your application to run independently for a long time. In other words, the TMP-Fuelcell Cube saves you time and money.

Easy to conceal
The compact design and impressively quiet operation of the TMP-Fuelcell Cube gives you an energy supply system which remains comfortably out of sight and earshot. There is no solar panel visible from a distance and no rattling generator to indicate that energy is being produced.

All the benefits of the TMP-Fuelcell
The TMP-Fuelcell Cube is compact and lightweight when measured against alternative energy systems, and allows your application to run independently for a longer period The fitted charge control unit allows it to be linked up easily to a solar system as well.

The choice is yours
The TMP-Fuelcell Cube comes tailored to your needs. simply select the right fuel cell, battery and fuel cartridge for the job in hand - the box can accommodate any combination.

Configuration as required thanks to the flexible combination of all components
When it comes to putting together your TMP-Fuelcell Cube, you enjoy total freedom of choice. Simply calculate your energy needs, select the fuel cartridge size required and choose your optimum configuration.

Technical data:


TMP-Fuelcell Cube configuration:



Camera System TMP-ICCD-08 with MZ-55 Zoom Lens and IR-Laser TMP-LI-810/RS100


Schematic overview of the Mobile Day/Night Video Surveillance System
(unmanned operation, color and b&w images)

Download pdf

Robust industrial construction
TMP-Fuelcell are delivered in a robust metal casing. The integrated user-interface allows monitoring and control directly on the unit.


More freedom when refuelling
TMP-Fuelcell can be hooked up directly to all TMP-Fuelcell Cartridges. Selecting the optimum size of fuel cartridge for your requirements allows you to optimise the weight and operating time of your appliance.

More flexible installation in your appliance
TMP-Fuelcell can be fitted in your appliance in a variety of ways. Thanks to the extended fuel cartridge hose, the positioning of the fuel cartridge can be chosen freely for example beneath the TMP-Fuelcell.

One for all - charges 12 V and 24 V batteries
TMP-Fuelcell are compatible with 12 V and 24 V batteries. The integrated charge control system identifies the battery in use and automatically adjusts the charge process accordingly

TMP-Fuelcell 1600 Longlife
TMP-Fuelcell 1600 is optionally available as long life version. When purchasing a TMP-Fuelcell 1600

Longlife you receive an extended term of guarantee.
Providing reliable energy out of reach of other power sources is the speciality of the new TMP-FuelcelL
Hooked up to an off-grid appliance, the fuel cell automatically charges its battery as and when required – 24 hours a day, without any intervention from the user and in all weather conditions.
The TMP-Fuelcell was developed specially for the requirements of professional applications.

TMP-Fuelcell 600 - Order No.: 187.400.0
TMP-Fuelcell 1200 - Order No.: 187.410.0
TMP-Fuelcell 1600 - Order No.: 187.420.0
Fuelcell 1600 Longlife - Order No.: 187.430.0

Key Features:

  • Robust and maintenance-free
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Quiet and emission-free
  • Automatically charges 2 V and 24 V batteries
  • Hybrid compatible - ideal for combining with solar energy systems

Technical data:

Effective consumption depends on operating conditions

TMP-Fuelcell cartridg:

(*) M28 cartridge works only with Set 1600 fuel cell version.

Fuel cell + battery

Fuel cell + solar system


  • M28-adapter to connect the M28-fuel cartridge
  • Remote monitoring package with fuel cartridge sensor and GSM modem
  • Cluster controller for parallel operation of several fuel cells
  • TMP-Fuelcell Cube -a transportable complete solution in a configurable box

Working with a battery, the TMP-Fuelcell multiplies the length of time your application can run independently many times over. This significantly reduces the frequency with which you need to visit the application to charge or replace the batteries.

The use of an TMP-Fuelcell as back-up for a solar energy system is the perfect solution for 100% availability. As soon as the solar system ceases to provide sufficient power, the fuel cell is activated fully automatically. Expensive solar systems can therefore be sized down and the reliability of the system can be substantially improved.


Camera System TMP-ICCD-08 with MZ-55 Zoom Lens and IR-Laser TMP-LI-810/RS1000


Schematic overview of the Mobile Day/Night Video Surveillance System

(unmanned operation, color and b&w images)

Download pdf


Come tutti i sedili anche TMP-Chair ha le regolazioni che si considerano “classiche” e quindi:

  1. Schienale reclinabile
  2. Seduta basculante
  3. Bracciolo regolabile
  4. Doppio scorrimento

MA TMP-Chair è molto più di un sedile:


1. Joystick multifunzione


Le funzioni primarie a portata di mano.


2. Bracciolo multimediale


Blue Tooth + USB + IPOD + RCA + ecc.


3. Ripostiglio personale


Occhiali e piccoli effetti personali sempre al sicuro.


4. Pedana bi-funzionale


Comfort per le gambe e recupero energetico a costo zero.


5. Display di pre-visione


Pre-view di controllo da ogni sorgente.


6. Poggiatesta audioattivo


Suoni stereo a portata d’orecchio in totale libertà.


7. Riscaldamento ambiente


Riscaldamento termostatato direttamente nel supporto.



Rivestimenti in vera pelle con microaerazione forzata su tutta la superficie di seduta.

Antenne integrate nella struttura.

Tuesday, 30 June 2009 16:30

Allestimenti per veicoli da appostamento

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1. Sviluppo tecnologico di hardware e software per aumentare la capacità di acquisizione dati anche con veicolo non presidiato
2. Sviluppo dell'ergonomia e del comfort di bordo per favorire l'efficienza del personale nel caso di operazioni presidiate

Lo sviluppo tecnologico si è basato sulle ultime releases dei prodotti elettronici e delle loro implementazioni
Quest'ultima voce la consideriamo fondamentale in un veicolo destinato alla acquisizione di dati ambientali in quanto la variazione del rendimento energetico degli apparati di bordo permette una maggiore o minore autonomia “on site” del veicolo impiegato nell'operazione e poter disporre di maggior tempo “operativo” assicura una migliore copertura del servizio.

L'aumento della resa energetica consente anche un abbassamento dei costi di esercizio in quanto, sin dall'origine, è possibile ridurre il numero di accumulatori che poi, nel corso del loro utilizzo, subiranno anche un minor numero di ricariche e quindi avranno un tempo-vita più lungo a tutto vantaggio dei costi vivi; in particolare ci siamo orientati su packages collaudati di celle agli ioni di litio mentre stiamo già esplorando le tecnologie a celle di combustibile.

L'aumentata offerta da parte del mercato elettronico “broadcast” di nuove attrezzature ha fatto sì che oggi si possano ottenere apparecchiature di alto profilo professionale che i nostri tecnici hanno ulteriormente adattato alle specifiche del servizio particolare cui le stesse sono destinate.
Abbiamo dotato il modulo “TMP.21” di monitor LCD touch screen TFT da 19” gestito via software proprietario per essere utilizzato come consolle audio in abbinamento ad un equalizzatore a 32 bande; l'altro monitor LCD touch screen TFT da 19” visualizza in tempo reale l'immagine che viene digitalizzata su HD e che può essere inviata al Centro Operazione sia come ripresa da una sola delle telecamere a scelta sia come come ripresa multiscreen omnicomprensiva di tutte le immagini riprese da tutte le telecamere di bordo.

Di ogni immagine ripresa da ogni telecamera viene effettuato il back-up che può essere visualizzato sui monitors di servizio, sempre in tecnologia LCD/TS, interfacciati con un gruppo multisplit per la scansione ciclica delle immagini riprese dalle telecamere occultate.

Le telecamere sono state selezionate in tre gruppi: un primo gruppo è costituito dalle telecamere di sorveglianza perimetrale (obiettivi auto iris con pin-hole a fuoco fisso), un secondo gruppo è quello dedicato alle riprese delle “azioni” con brandeggio manuale o motorizzato (obiettivi auto iris con obiettivi zoom intercambiabili passo CS e di tipo day/night), l'ultimo gruppo è costituito dalle telecamere termografiche nelle varie confrigurazioni necessarie.

A completamento delle apparecchiature proponiamo il kit Long-Distance che consente la remotizzazione totale di input ed output in modo da rendere il veicolo totalmente “non presidiato” nelle eventuali occasioni di alto rischio; il kit consente, oltre alla remotizzazione dei segnali, il dialogo bi-direzionale con l'operatore remoto in modo da rendere il veicolo “attivo”.

Per contenere tutti i predetti apparati abbiamo progettato una struttura d'arredo componibile riciclabile in ABS stampato particolarmente resistente agli urti, con assenza totale di spigoli, di superficie gradevole al tatto ed alla vista e facilmente lavabile; i componenti di arredo sono previsti per essere rapidamente e facilmente agganciati al modulo “TMP.21” che, a sua volta, è composto da pannelli autoportanti, pre-cablati ed eventualmente blindati per resistenze balistiche sino al livello BR7.


Wednesday, 13 May 2009 17:43

Allestimento mezzi

Varie sistemi speciali per mezzi.

Apri il tab foto

Download pdf

Advance with confidence
  • Frequency range from 20MHz – 3.8 GHz
  • RF output power up to 1650 Watts
  • Up to 22 frequency channels
Military and Police convoys face a serious terrorist risk in many countries, especially in hostile areas of the World, and SESP understands the necessity of providing fast mobilization of a dedicated vehicle for critical situations and missions.
Tempestini Group provides the TMP-JAM-X system to provide the ultimate solution for saving lives which are threatened by roadside bombs (IEDs or RCIEDs).
The latest state-of-the-art RF jamming technology coupled with sophisticated preparatory customization of the vehicle provides a complete turnkey solution to combat this threat.

The TMP-JAM-X system is suitable for installation on any Military type SUV vehicle. The special design of the system ensures continuous effective jamming protection whilst in transit in all road conditions, plus all weather capability.
Nothing will affect the safe operation of the TMP-JAM-X system.

Advantages and Features

  • Wide frequency spectrum from 20MHz – 3.8GHz.
  • Maximum overall RF output power 1650 Watts
  • Up to 22 selected frequency bands within the spectrum of 20MHz – 3.8GHz; each with its individual on/off control. Designed to jam most communication standards, HF/UHF/VHF, within the spectrum.
  • Modular jamming system design for easy replacement of individual frequency bands.
  • Three available power sources:
    • High power dedicated DC generator & back up high capacity batteries as standard. High power DC alternator as an additional option.
    • Fast and easy dismantling and installation of the entire system and all its components from one vehicle to another (after some preparatory customization to the vehicle).
    • Special roof antenna kit installed on a removal panel designed for fast and easy installation and removal.
  • Highest level of complete system protection
  • Ultra high power RF amplifiers with VSWR and temperature self-protection technology
  • Can operate continuously and efficiently around the clock 24/7.
  • Maintains same excellent performance in all road and all weather conditions.
  • Fully independent operation
The JAM-X system comprises three main parts:
1. A Metal Enclosure which is fully RF shielded, acoustically shielded, protected against vibration, and is equipped with two separate smart active cooling systems; one for the Jamming modules and the other for the high gain DC generator.
2. A specially designed roof mounted high gain omni directional antenna kit.
3. An easy to manage remote control unit, enabling complete and full control of the entire system including the power sources. Each frequency band is controlled separately, enabling the selection of “open windows” if and when required.

Optional additional features:
1. Extended spectrum up to 6GHz (maximum RF output power remaining at 1650 watts)
2. Armoring up to level B6 or B6+
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