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Monday, 15 March 2010 15:18

SIM Mobile Phone Forensics System

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Mobile phone Analyser – Field

SIM Mobile phone forensics System does not only provide the capability to recover evidence or intelligence from mobile phone handsets, SIM cards and media cards but can do it without leaving a trace.

The inconspicuous design of the System, quiet operation and display options (standard daylight mode and „dark“ operation mode for use in low light covert situations) are synonymous with the requirement of covert operations.

System key benefits:

  • Simple to use touch screen technology which is ideal for high pressure situations.
  • High level of security with all stored data being encrypted and requiring smartcard and PIN login to access it.
  • Ideal for covert situations as minimal trace is left on the mobile phone that has been examined.
  • Clear on-screen guidance given toindicate how phones should be connected. Where software download agent is required this is loaded on to a supplied memory card to avoid contaminating evidence.
  • Ability to optimise acquisition time by selecting only essential data to read. Time remaining to complete acquisition is displayed during downloads.
  • Backing up of data so that if the examination is terminated unexpectedly the data already acquired is not lost.
  • A completely portable and robust toolkit with an interchangeable, long-lasting, rechargeable battery.
Extensive handset support:
  • Guaranteed and tested full support to the highest standards for over 350 handsets including 14 models of BlackBerry.
  • Credible standards of data recovery potentially available for all other handsets via cable or infra red connectivity, extending coverage to in excess of 1000 handsets.
SIM Mobile phone forensics System allows the process to be tailor made tu the needs of the operation at every stage of the acquisition process:

1.a) Read SIm
b) Read Handset
c) Read Memory card:

The complete solution for data acquisition from SIM, handset and memory card.
2. Preview Data:
Immediate visibility of the SIM, handset and memory card data that has been acquired. Athena‘s design also allows datasets to be selectively viewed.
3. Data Encrypted and Integrity Checked:
All data is stored encrypted on the unit and is verified during data export through hash checksums.
4. Login:
Acess to stored data requires a smartcard and associated PIN login.
5. Export Report:
Flexibility to allow investigators to export all or selected data into Windows XP and viewed, printed or converted to various formats for intelligente use.

The TMP-Light portable Interview recorder is a PACE compliant digital audio recorder for evidential and disciplinary interviews. The portable recorder can be mains or battery powered and is suitable for recording in any location. The recorder guarantees faultless, digital stereo recordings of up to eight hours on two identical CD’s copies. Both copies are digitally signed preserving the integrity of the recording. The TMP-Light recorder is network-ready.


Stereo Recording

  • Up to 8 hours recording.
  • Wide stereo separation.
  • Suitable for all room sizes.


  • Two button operation.
  • Clear indication of recording.
  • Optional pause feature.

Special Features

  • Fail-safe media check.
  • All recordings are digitally signed.

Informative Display

  • Toggle between clock time and remaining time.
  • Audio level indication.


Battery Adapter

Fully integrated with the recorder
Batteries & Charger

Batteries to allow up to 5 hours record time
Mains desktop chargers
Vehicle Battery Cable

For in-vehicle recording

Mains power cable

UK and International Power Cables

Portability and versatility of recording


Carrying cases
A choice of lightweight or heavy duty carrying cases

PACE Compliancy:
TMP Recorders have been designed specifically for evidential recording and are fully compliant with the Police and Criminal Evidence Act (1984) and Home Office guidelines.

The Integrity of the Recordings:
The integrity of every recording is protected by a 2048 bit DSA digital signature and a SHA-1 checksum.

The TMP will only commence recording when correct blank media and fully functioning microphones are present.

The discs cannot be forcibly or wrongly ejected.

Failsafe Features: Standalone and Networked.
Recordings are fully protected from the loss of power.
When in network mode, TMP Recorders will not record if there is an error with the network connection.
A recording is only declared completed after the audio has been transferred to the designated server.
Metadata relating to the recording can be stored alongside the recording on every disc.
Multiple audio formats can be recorded on to every disc.

Robust Construction:
Light weight but robust aluminium casing withstands accidental knocks & direct spillages.
Buttons, indicators & connectors are designed for frequent use.

Network ready:

All TMP-Light Recorders are network-ready as standard.


The TMP-Light recorders are fully compatible with a number of leading transcription workflow systems.

The systems are scalable from simple point-to-point FTP, to the enterprise level.

Tailor-made customised solutions:
Tempestini Systems and our Strategic Partners can provide fully integrated transcription workflow solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

Player: PC-based transcription solution
The Player Transcription Kit is specifically designed for use with TMP-Light digital audio interview recorders.

User display interface

Compact view

Viewing of recording metadata:
The software allows access to the job metadata providing all the relevant Interview information.

Verification of recording integrity:
The player can verify the recorded data against the checksums stored on the recorded discs.

Advanced transcription features:
The Player consists of Transcription software, headset and foot-pedal, providing advanced transcription facilities.

Accessories and Media

Batteries & Chargers:
A choice of batteries & charger specific to the TMP-Light recorder.

A wide range of cables to enable the use of TMP-Light Recorders in any environment.

Selected microphones suitable for all recording environments.

Carrying Cases:
A choice of light weight or rugged carrying cases.

A range of Headsets suitable for
all transcription locations.

Versatile foot-pedals with the transcriber in mind.

Quality Media:
Plain or printed CD’s in a choice of cases.

Security Labels
Purpose designed tamper-proof jewel case labels.

Technical Characteristics

W: 250mm (+300mm for battery fitting)
D: 210mm H: 120mm

Weight: 2.3Kg

Disc Drives
Physical Disc Format: CD-R.
On-Disc Formats: CD-DA (Red Book) MPEG-1 Layer II (mp2)@192kbps MPEG-1 Layer III (mp3)@192kbps Speex (ogg)@24-70kbps Number of drives: 2 Finalising Times: Up to 2 mins (for 2 hour recording)

Audio Inputs
Freq. Response:
50Hz - 12kHz (-3dB) Input Impedance: 600Ω Input Sensitivity: 10mV@1kHz Crosstalk: >60dB typical. Digitised: 2 channels@48kHz Phantom Power for professional microphones System

Power Requirements:
230 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 33W max. Operating Temperatures: 5c-35c. Operating Humidity: 35% to 70% RH, non-condensing. Non-Operating Humidity: 20% to 80% RH, non-condensing. Acoustic Noise: Max. 36 dB(A)@1m, idle. Max. 41 dB(A)@1m, finalising

Wednesday, 03 June 2009 08:40

Digital Interview Recorder 3 CH/PAL

The TMP-PIR Interview Recorder system is believed to be the most portable and durable of its kind in the world. Built into a rugged briefcase-sized Pelican Case and supplied with a second identical case packing cameras, tripods and power supply, it is easily carried by one person.

TMP-PIR restarts automatically on power loss, informs the user of any faulty media, and prompts to re-archive an interview upon completion should a disk fail.

Pelican Cases have a leading international reputation for rugged equipment transit, and the contents of the recorder are securely shock-mounted to the case walls.

Uncomplicated Operation
TMP-PIR is managed via three buttons. A start and stop button control the interview and a third button offers an Operator Control menu, from which you can test the recordable media to make sure each disc is blank and ready to record, and check the position of the cameras.

Evidentially Viable
Unique to Interview Recorders the TMP-PIR ensures your recordings are digitally signed as they are recorded, with your own unique key.
This means that at any time in the future it is possible to prove absolutely that a particular recording is complete, unchanged and originated on your recorder.

Total Coverage
The TMP-PIR leaves nothing to ambiguity. The own fully configurable Picture-in-Picture hardware gives a full screen view of the interviewee as well as two picture-in-picture shots to use as you wish, most often one will show the entire interview area through a wide-angle lens camera, and the other a close-up of the interviewer or interpreter.

TMP-Pass is an e-Passport passenger face authentication solution. TMP-Pass ensures that only the legal bearer of the e-Passport is serviced by border control automatic gates, officers, boarding gate readers or agents etc. using advanced face recognition biometric methods.

TMP-Pass provides a technological breakthrough for border control posts, check in counters, security gates and boarding gates, as well as duty free shops and VIP lounges entrances by allowing an automatic mass use of the common e-Passport (MRTD - Machine Readable Travel Document) for passenger’s authentication without human intervention. The system uses a facial recognition technology to automatically perform the passport checks better, faster and free of human fatigue or monotony of human officers.

The 9/11 unfortunate events had strongly motivated border control organizations to automate the border control process, while ensuring secure authentication of travelers. ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) has validated face recognition and recommends it as the best suited biometric method for this type of application and is setting standards for storing and using biometrics with Machine Readable Travel Documents.

Over the last couple of years electronically Machine Readable Travel Documents (e-Passports) have been introduced in most countries around the world. An e-Passport contains an embedded chip with passport holder's biometric data which allows an automated inspection system to read out the data from the chip and to verify the integrity of the data and the authenticity of the chip.

TMP-Pass uses the digital face image stored in the e-Passport as the biometric identifier to automatically authenticate the identity of the passport bearer using a face recognition technology.
The human face is the most natural way of verifying the identity of a person. It is a non-intrusive, very intuitive and can serve many purposes. While personnel based face recognition fails significantly on unfamiliar faces,

TMP-Pass present a continuous level of recognition at less than 0.01% FAR (False Acceptance Rate). A sophisticated human machine interface combined with robust and enhanced camera management delivers a high quality live person face authentication.

Features at a glance:

  • Kiosk type, embedded solution for border control posts, checks in counters, security gates and boarding gates, as well as duty free shops and VIP lounges entrances.
  • e-Passports specifications are published in ICAO Doc 9303 and endorsed by ISO as ISO/IEC 7501.
  • The face image is documented in ISO/IEC 19794-5:2005.
  • Non intrusive, User friendly interface
  • Passenger authentication speed less than 1 second
  • Easy to use by airlines', airport's and security personnel
  • Fast installation
  • Efficient user interface ensures almost 100% identification accuracy
  • Authentication attained by implementing sophisticated mathematical imaging face feature detection and matching
  • Web based administration, database of transactions logging and access
  • Build in database server for reporting and data export
  • Master / chain configuration to synchronize multiple ID stations
  • Stand alone or networked configuration
  • Secured and encrypted database
  • Scalable to any number of flights and passengers
  • Covers passenger's height 1.50m – 2.10m
  • Usability: 99.98%
  • False Acceptance Rate: 0.01%
  • False Rejection Rate: 2%
  • Operation temperature: -5ºC to 50ºC
  • Operation humidity: 10% to 90%
  • Network interface via Ethernet.
  • TMP-Pass facilitates easy fusion with other biometric solutions via BioAPI (ISO/IEC FDIS 24708).
  • CE and FCC part 15 certified
  • Terminal Dimensions Width 270 mm, Depth 750 mm, Height 503 mm, Weight 7.5 Kg

The 3M e-Passport Reader:

  • Multiple document reading and imaging capability – imaging in 24-bit color
  • OCR data capture
  • Rapid multi-wavelength illumination – visible and IR
  • Contactless IC reading capability ISO 14443 Type A and Type B ICs
  • Supports reader to chip transfer rate of 424 Kbps when applicable (IC dependent)
  • Provides functionality according to ICAO NTWG Technical Reports
  • Communicates with contactless IC placed in any location within the document
  • Auto-triggering of document capture – presence of document is automatically sensed
  • Enables images to be accessed as BMP or JPEG format
  • Metal frame construction
  • No moving parts
  • Dimensions: Width 170 mm, Depth 292 mm, Height 99 mm
  • Weight < 1 Kg
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TMP-Gate is a traveling documents authentication solution. It ensures that only the person granted his boarding pass will board the plane and not an impostor. TMP-Gate uses face recognition biometric solution to facilitate that.

TMP-Gate Offers an innovative and advance solution for a dangerous loophole in airport security. This solution assists the airlines to conform to IATA regulations which define that the airlines must ensure that a person who checked in must be the one who board the plane. Tempestini Group reevaluated the process and designed the TMP-Gate solution, to allow fast enrollment of the passenger face image at the check in desk and automatic verification of the passenger ID at the boarding gate, to support the boarding agent (even non experienced) expedite the passengers boarding to the aircraft. TMP-Gate overcomes the aversion by both airlines and government to annoy travelers further with longer queues, especially since several airlines are experiencing financial difficulties.

TMP-Gate system assures boarding pass authentication by integrating flight information and facial features onto one record. When a person acquires an E-Ticket or obtains a boarding pass, TMP-Gate acquires a face scan and generates his face template. Later, when the person approached the gate for boarding, TMP-Gate acquires another image of the person and checks for match with the person’s face template in the database. If a match is found, the system enables boarding and logs the transaction. If TMP-Gate doesn't recognize the person his access will be denied and his flight record manually checked. Denied persons scans are captured and stored in the database, while such transactions are registered in the activity log for further investigations.

The 9/11 unfortunate events had strongly motivated border control organizations to automate the border control process, while ensuring secure authentication of travelers. ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) has validated face recognition and recommends it as the best suited biometric method for this type of application and is setting standards for storing and using biometrics with travel documents.

Features at a glance
  • Kiosk type, embedded solution for check in counters, security gates and boarding gates, as well as duty free shops and VIP lounges entrances.
  • Using Bar-Coded Boarding Passes (BCBP), as specified by IATA 792 based on 2D barcodes (PDF417)
  • Passenger's personal and flight information gathered from Bar-Coded Boarding Passes (BCBP)
  • Non intrusive, User friendly interface
  • Fast passenger's face acquisition, less than 1 second
  • Fast passenger's verification, less than 1 second
  • Easy to use by airlines', airport's and security personnel
  • Fast installation
  • Efficient user positioning engine ensures almost 100% identification accuracy
  • Complements the boarding verification process at the gate.
  • Verification attained by implementing sophisticated mathematical imaging face feature detection and matching.
  • The system provides full management of traveling documents versus enrolled persons in a fully hierarchical fashion
  • Web based administration, database of transactions logging and access
  • Built in database server for reporting and data export
  • Master / chain configuration to synchronize multiple ID stations
  • Stand alone or networked configuration
  • Secured and easy enrollment, encrypted database
  • Scalable to any number of flights, up to 500 passengers per flight
  • Covers passenger's height 1.40m – 2.00m
  • Usability: 99.98%
  • False Acceptance Rate: 0.01%
  • False Rejection Rate: 2%
  • Operation temperature: -5oC to 50oC
  • Operation humidity: 10% to 90%
  • Network interface via Ethernet.
  • C-Face facilitates easy fusion with other biometric solutions via BioAPI (ISO/IEC FDIS 24708).
Wednesday, 14 October 2009 15:02

TMP-Entry - Biometrical Facial Recognition


tmp-entry01.jpgTMP-entry is an innovative and advanced biometric solution that uses individual's face as a key to grant access of use to premises which needs to be secured against unauthorized individuals.

The ability to permit or deny the use of a particular resource by a particular entity is based exclusively on positive authentication of the individual.

Biometrics overcomes the trouble caused by an access card/key changing hands, getting lost, broken etc. Within the biometric offerings, face recognition is perceived to be the most precise, non intrusive, fast and customer friendly.

To enable access, the persons face picture must be taken and stored into TMP-Entry's database (i.e. enroll process). Thereafter, when the person approaches the access door TMP-Entry takes his picture again and verifies it with the person's faces in its database. If a match is found the system unlocks the door and logs the transaction.

If TMP-Entry doesn't find the person during the verification process the door will be kept locked. An Unauthorized persons photo is captured and stored in the database and the transaction is registered in the activity log for further investigations. The image acquisition part of TMP-Entry meets the geometric requirements and best practice geometric recommendations of ISO/IEC 19794-5:2005 standard.

Face recognition based biometrics is 40+ years old. Numberless attempts have been made throughout the years to deliver a reliable, friendly and accurate solution, with limited success. The rapid development of computer power versus cost, concomitantly with innovative and advanced image processing concepts have brought face recognition to the forefront of biometrics in recent years. Face recognition has been recognized by governments and various authorities throughout the world as the preferred method of choice for biometric verification and identification due to its non intrusive and friendly nature. Even so, the number of face recognition solutions providers is relatively small due to the high degree of complexity involved and thorough organizational long term commitment needed to face the challenges involved.

Tempestini Systems has been up to this challenge by addressing the complexities involved with Face Recognition from a different angle, the human angle. No more a straight measuring machine for Face profiling and recognition, but an interactive process between man and machine which ultimately proved extremely beneficiary in face recognition due process yield superb performance even in harsh conditions.

TMP-Entry was tested its solution in extreme lighting conditions as well as an exceptional wide range of skin texture with zero false acceptances.

Currently, Tempestini Systems offers the friendliest yet most accurate solution on the market for Face Recognition and verification.

  • Stand alone or networked authentication and enrollment terminals Non Intrusive, user friendly interface Easy to use
  • Interactive verification features Fast installation Enrollment quality indication
  • Embedded anti-counterfeiting mechanism; can't enroll or match from pictures, only people
  • Insensitive to beard, scull hair or prescription glasses
  • Fast single frame Enroll under-random lighting conditions in less than 1 sec
  • Ability to enroll using RFID (including Mifare), numeric keypad, barcode and debit/credit cards
  • Fastest match process under an extremely large dynamic light conditions including asymmetric including asymmetric
  • Up to 0.01% False Acceptance Rate, covering skin texture from milky white to deep black
  • Up to 2% False Rejection Rate for the same skin texture dynamic range
  • Operational in harsh operation conditions, indoor/outdoor, without performance degradation
  • Learning system with aging compensation mechanism Comprehensive reporting system with image sort and track mechanisms Person verification speed in less than 0.5 sec /person Covers applicant height 1.40m - 2.15m
  • Verification attained by implementing a sophisticated fusion of image mathematical tools using 3D to 2D matching transformations algorithms
  • Interfaces: Ethernet, Weigand
  • I/O: Dry-Contact
  • Web based administration with Encrypted database of transactions logging and access
  • The system provides full management of enrolled persons using a comprehensive reporting system with image sort and track mechanisms
  • Database server for reporting / data export
  • Master / chain to synchronize multiple ID stations
  • Easy integration with access control/time attendance systems
  • Easy integration with access control controllers using standard protocols
  • Capacity: scalable to any number of users, up to 100 users group profiles
  • Operation temperature: -5°C to 50°C
  • Operation humidity: 10% to 90%
  • TMP-Entry facilitates easy fusion with other biometric solutions via BIOAPI-2 (ISO/IEC 19784- 1:2005)

  • Microphonic Audio Verification System as Standard
  • Dual Channel Processing which contributes to Low Nuisance Alarms
  • Patented Alpha Sensor Technology
  • Unique ‘Performance Pledge’ Guarantee

Perimeter security is an effective deterrent to intruders with metal fences being the most common form of physical barrier. The most determined intruder can, however, defeat most types of physical barrier, usually by cutting through or climbing over the barrier.

Many electronic security systems focus on detecting intruders after they have entered the property. Often, this results in police or security personnel being alerted too late to prevent the intruder achieving their objectives. Intruders have learnt to make the most of the time delay between entering a property and the arrival of security personnel or police.

A well designed perimeter intrusion detection system, in which the detection technology is well matched to the physical barrier surrounding the site will not only provide reliable detection of intrusion attempts, but will offer the earliest possible warning of an attempt to enter the site illicitly.

The latest version of TMP-Protector, provides the capability to effectively combine the advantages of it's proven Alpha sensor cable technology with the physical delay factor and vibration transmission characteristics of the perimeter fence structure.

Perimeter detection systems employing TMP-Protector will provide earliest warning of intrusion attempts while simultaneously ensuring that false alarm activations are virtually eliminated. During the course of an intrusion attempt, security staff can monitor and verify intruder activity using the high quality audio produced by the Alpha senor cable.

TMP-Protector can communicate alarm information to many types of ancillary control room equipment such as CCTV matrices, alarm management systems and mimic panels ensuring that the control room staff are kept fully informed with regard to the security of the site.

TMP-Protector, in conjunction with the physical barrier provided by the perimeter fence, forms the first line, or primary defence, against attempted intrusions.

Alpha Sensor Cable Technology
The function of any sensor used in a perimeter security application is to maximise the signals generated in response to an intrusion attempt while ensuring that all other signals are effectively suppressed.

The upgraded TMP-Protector compliments and further enhances the performance of the Alpha sensor cable technology.
This technology, is independently verified by leading authorities as being technically superior to most other microphonic cable products.

The Alpha sensor cable, patented in most developed countries, is a precision built device specifically intended to convert mechanical vibrations generated as a result of intrusion activity into clear, low noise, electrical signals. It is the high quality of the resulting electrical signals that provides the performance advantage enjoyed by Alpha sensor technology compared to older technologies such as coaxial, fibre optic and piezoelectric sensors.

Because the Alpha sensor cable relies on two simple copper conductors to generate the intrusion related electrical signals, termination, jointing and repair of the sensor is infinitely easier and quicker than optical fibre sensors and requires no special tooling or training.
The Alpha sensor cable incorporates design features intended to maximise the frequency and response of the sensor so that as much intrusion related information as possible is presented to the TMP-Protector digital signal and processing platform.

Powerful adaptive filtering algorithms embodied within TMP-Protector then extract the most useful elements contained within the broad spectrum of the sensor cable response, allowing reliable and accurate detection of intruder related activities.

New Generation Analyser Digital Signal Processor
The digital signal processes embodied within the new TMP-Protector analyser are the result of many years of experience spent investigating the range if responses of various types of perimeter fence structures to a wide variety of intrusion related stimuli.

This experience has demonstrated the shortcomings of more conventional signal processing techniques such as Fast Fourier Transforms (FFT) and other simple frequency selective processes. Techniques such as these fail when overlap occurs in the frequency spectra of intruder related activities and, for example, environmental phenomena such as wind, rain, hail etc. These processes alone provide insufficient discrimination of such overlapping events.

TMP-Protector embodies multiple channels of simultaneous signal processing where not only the frequency content of each channel is examined, but other significant features of the sensor signals including envelope duration, rate of change of signal and power spectral density are taken into account.
This ensures the best overall performance of the TMP-Protector analyser/Alpha sensor combination.

While the processes employed within the new TMP-Protector analysers are complex and powerful, care has been taken to ensure that the system remains simple to set up and commission. This is accomplished by employing adaptive techniques that automatically optimise the signal processing algorithms to suit the type of fence structure to which the sensor cable is attached.


System Functionality

Maximum Security
  • Simultaneous multi-channel digital signal processing enables “no compromise” detection of varied attack scenarios while maintaining a very low false alarm rate.
  • Alpha sensor technology enables reliable detection of micro-impacts generated as a result of sophisticated attack styles.
  • Digital detection processes simplify user setup and commissioning while maintaining extremely high system performance.
  • System performance, defined in terms of high probability of detection while maintaining a very low false alarm rate is backed by the TMPProtector Performance Pledge.
  • Simple interfacing to external equipment via volt free relay contacts, open collector outputs, and RS485 communications loop. Audio output provided as standard.
  • Self test capability and comprehensive LED visual indication of system status.





Alarm Management and Control Equipment

TMP-Protector is designed for applications on manned or unmanned sites, whether as a standalone single zone system or as part of a comprehensive multiple zone installation.

Simple low level interfacing via volt free relay contact ensure that TMP-Protector is easily intergrated with virtually all security management systems.

TMP-Protector easily integrates with Gthernet system in situations where it is necessary to transmit alarm information across an existing Ethernet network or where own dedicated security Gthernet solution is preferred.

Audio Verification

Audio verification is easily implemented utilising the standard high quality audio output included as part of every TMP-Protector analyser.

TMP-Protector Performance Pledge
There are many claims made by the manufacturers of electronic perimeter intruder detection systems regarding the performance of their systems. Some purport to offer superior performance by utilizing sophisticated electronic detection techniques, others may simply make claim to the fact that their’s is best. Tempestini Group believes that the ultimated endorsement is in the product’s actual performance, side by side against any other manufacturer.

Such is our confidence in the superior performance of the TMP-Protector system against any other manufacturer’s fence-mounted cable sensor system, that if TMP-Protector is outperformed on an agreed ‘like for like’ trial, Tempestini Group will purchase the other manufacturer’s trial system on behalf of the end user.

System Accessories

Since the latest version of TMP-Protector utilises the standard Alpha sensor cable, a wide range of accessories including junction boxes, gate loop kits, gate bypass switches and termination kits are available as standard items provided for earlier versions of analysers.

Key Advantages of TMP-Protector
  • Multi-channel signal processing ensures high detection performance coupled with low false alarm rates
  • Simple low level interfacing with 3rd party security management systems
  • High quality audio monitoring capability
  • Simple to install and commission
  • Independently verified performance levels

TMP-Protector protects a new airport

Il Sensore Microfonico con performance certificate
  • Costo competitivo per qualunque dimensione perimetrale
  • Funzionamento in condizioni estreme da -40°C a +80°C
  • Veloce da installare con un minimo addestramento
  • Sistema di supervisione estremamente semplice
  • Sensore microfonico esente da manutenzione
  • Senza alimentazioni ed elettroniche di campo per 5000m
  • Veloce e semplice da riparare in caso di guasto
  • Unico cavo per recinzioni alte fino a 3m

Leader nel campo di soluzioni di protezione aeroportuale.

Wednesday, 03 June 2009 08:09

TMP-T4000 for airports security

TMP-T4000 passive stand-off screening system

Screen for a wide range of concealed objects
Metals, plastics, gels, explosives, composites, narcotics, currency, liquids.
Screen from a safe stand-off distance
Gain precious time to react at the earliest opportunity.
Screen without introducing security ‘bottlenecks’
Screen people at various distances, as they move, – no need for static person screening at a single point.
Safe and non-invasive
Totally passive screening technology. No privacy violation, anatomical details are not revealed.

See what’s hidden
The TMP-T4000 system is effective in many applications whether alone, or as part of a comprehensive, multi-layered security solution protecting your site and people. Monitor your entrances and exits, or even remotely image unattended locations. Use where protection of life, or need for loss prevention demands that you know who is concealing items and where they are concealing them. Screen for concealed plastics, composites, ceramics, metals and materials that can be crafted to create a suicide bomb or other threat (including liquid explosives). Image concealed contraband such as narcotics packages and locate concealed objects that are not picked up by metal detectors.


Screen stationary and walking subjects over various distances
• Typically 3m to 15m (10ft to 50ft) – depending on concealed object size.
Simple installation in diverse locations
• Ceiling, wall or floor mounting options for overt or covert use, with or without pan-tilt equipment.
• Uses Ethernet cable and mains power supply.
Remote operation
• PC may be any distance from the camera unit – even in another country!
• PC links to TMP-T4000 camera using IP communication over Ethernet.
‘Plug and play’
• T4000 camera self calibrates to suit the local environment. No complex modification of local environment is required.
‘Future proof’ upgrades
• Remote software for integration into “smart” alert based CCTV security systems.

How the TMP-T4000 works

  1. Naturally occurring terahertz waves emitted by people and objects are detected by the TMP-T4000 camera along with a CCTV image.
  2. Terahertz and CCTV image data is transferred to security operator’s remote PC/notebook using IP Ethernet link.
  3. T4000 software displays real time images of subject and concealed objects.


Typical installations

Customs and border control
Discreet screening of arriving or departing
passengers for concealed contraband.
Example installation
Ceiling mounted TMP-T4000 with pan-tilt.

Sporting/cultural event screening
Visitor entrance screening for concealed threats.

Monday, 25 May 2009 14:28

TMP‐FP2000 - Finger print reader

  • Easy LED and LCD Instruction
  • 16 digit keypad with 40 customizable function keys
  • Able to work with or replace existing RFID Reader using Wiegand Protocol
  • Alloy Zinc Casing for durability
  • Flexible communications options including Wiegand I/O, TCP/IP, RS232 and RS422
  • 4 Input, 2 Output points
  • Firmware upgradeable
  • Flash memory back up for event memory buffer
  • Anti-tamper facility
  • Cover lid offers extra protection for scanner
  • Can use as standalone or in a network


  • User Registeration : 1,000 or 4,000 Users
  • Transaction Memory Buffer : 24,000Transactions
  • Up to 64 connections using RS422 converter / Unlimited using TCP/IP
  • 16*2 Line Character LCD (Blue backlight)
  • 16 digit keypad with 40 customizable function keys
  • Audio Visual Indicator - Red LED : Access denied / Green Led : Access granted (with Audible Beep)
  • FAR (False Acceptance Rate) = 0.0001%
  • FRR (False Rehection Rate) = 0.01%
  • Adjustable Fingerprint Recognition Level : 0~9 (10 Levels)
  • Recognition Adjustment S/W (FDA) provided (Factory Set)
  • KF-2000 : 1 door controller
  • Compatible Cards : All HID RF Cards, EM Cards, Mifare Cards
  • Networking Software - PLA-64, PLAT-4000, PLAT-Plus, PLA-Pro

Operation Mode

  • TMP-FP2000[FPC] supports 11 Operation Modes:
  • Card and Fingerprint
  • PIN or Fingerprint or Card
  • PIN and Fingerprint or Card
  • PIN and Fingerprint or Card and FingerPrint
  • PIN and Fingerprint
  • Fingerprint Only
  • Pin and Fingerprint or PIN and Card
  • Always Open
  • Card and Fingerprint and PIN
  • Card or Fingerprint
  • Always Close
  • Warranty : 1 year parts and labor


CPU ㆍ32bit ARM9 / 8bit CPU
Power ㆍ12V DC 1A
Dimensions ㆍH170 × W100 × D75mm
Operating Temperature ㆍ-10

Operating Humidity ㆍ10%~90%
Verifcation Time
ㆍ1:1 - 0.5~1Sec
ㆍ1:N - 1~2Sec(1,000users) / 2~4Sec(4,000users)
RF Card Reading Range ㆍ5~10cm
Communication ㆍRS-232(15m) / 422(1.2Km) and TCP/IP
In/Out point ㆍ4 In / 2 Out
Material ㆍAlloy zinc
Recommended Cable
ㆍALPHA 6212C, 2 - Twisted Pair, and Shield Cable With Drain Wire
ㆍBelden No.9329 - 22AWG for 1000ft(305m) maximum distance
ㆍBelden No. 9369 - 18AWG for 4000ft(1220m) maximum distance
Cerifications ㆍCE Mark, FCC, USA GSA
ㆍColor : Persian Blue / Silver
ㆍUser Registration : 1,000Users / 4,000Users
ㆍExpendable Event Memory





Monday, 25 May 2009 13:37

TMP-Bio Fingerprint Readers

Simplicity and Security of Fingerprint Readers


TMP’s fingerprint readers provide unrivalled facility security and positive identity verification without compromising user convenience.
Ideal for retrofits, the TMP-Flex adds a biometric layer of security to an existing external Wiegand reader or keypad.
The selfcontained fingerprint reader provides optimum security enhancement without reissuing cards or replacing existing readers.
This dualfactor solution combines a self-contained fingerprint module and a proximity reader in one modern package.
It eliminates concerns about stolen, loaned or compromised proximity cards.
This easy onetouch fingerprint identification reader recognises up to 500 users.
Recognition is based on finger only no more PINs, keys or cards.
The BioSmart is a fingerprint reader associated with an external smart card reader (MIFARE). Fingerprint templates are securely stored on the cardholder’s smart card.

The selfcontained TMP-Flex and TMP-Prox readers store approximately 4,000 fingerprints
The TMP-Pass stores 500 fingerprints.
With the TMP-Smart, the template is stored directly on the smart card allowing an unlimited number of users and complying with regulations about the protection of users’ private information.
Amadeus 5 Access Control Software offers a simple approach to template management (enrolment & distribution) and reader configuration.
The installation is userfriendly, with preprepared cable and with singlegang or mullion mount compatibility.
Onetouch enrolment makes the bioreaders extremely simple to use.
The intuitive user interface is reinforced by red, amber and green LED, as well as tone signals.
The readers are using the industry’s most accurate fingerprint algorithm (#1 at FVC 2002).
Duress finger feature is optional.

Key features
Amadeus 5 enrolment screens
All the biometric data necessary for enrolment and distribution are supervised from the Amadeus 5 software.

 TMP‐Flex, TMP‐Prox and TMP‐Smart
• Algorithm type: Verification (1:1)
• Enrolment time: < 3 seconds
• Verification time: < 1 second
• (EER) Equal Error Rate (FAR=FRR): 0.1%
• Adjustable FAR and FRR
• Number of templates:
TMP-Flex and TMP-Prox: ~ 4,000 per unit
TMP-Smart: unlimited
• Template size: ~ 350 bytes

• Algorithm type: Identification (1:n)
• Enrolment time: < 3 seconds
• Identification time: < 2 seconds
• False Acceptance Rate: (FAR) = 0.2%
• Number of templates: 500 per unit, optimized for 100
• Template size: ~ 2,400 bytes

Technical specifications

o TMP-Flex, TMP-Prox, TMP-Pass: 130 x 50 x 65.5 mm
o BIOSmart: 130 x 118 x 65.5 mm
Voltage: 916 V DC
Current draw
o Idle: 0.15 amps @ 12 V DC
o Max: 0.40 amps @ 12 V DC
Certifications: FCC, CE, UL294, cUL (for TMP-Smart)

o RJ11 auxiliary port for RS232 connection, or RS485
through the back cable
o Baud rate: 38.400 bauds
Operating temperature: 0°C 60° C
Outdoor enclosure available
o Wiegand IN/OUT
o ISO2 IN/OUT (Option)

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